Broken Umbrellas

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Author: Luis Alberto Henríquez Hernández

Broken Umbrellas is an unusual literary work that explores human beings’ most primitive emotions and feelings through a series of different, interconnected stories. 
These are stories that explore madness and dementia as alternative avenues for surviving a reality that overwhelms us. 
The author reflects upon the value of death and freedom, and takes us through the ins and outs of repressed violence—always unjustified—but so often desired.
Broken Umbrellas intends to be much more than just a collection of stories. Through its words, it seeks to offer introspective reading, rouse reflective analysis of the human spirit, and provide electrifying amusement—only for the most daring. 

Translated by Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez 

Aranfaybo’s Dances Collection

An old aboriginal legend tells of a cave on the remote Canary Island of El Hierro where an evil deity called Aranfaybo lived. The Bimbaches, the island’s primitive inhabitants invoked this demon in times of drought because his strange dances brought rain with them. Today, Aranfaybo’s sinister dances lend their name to our darkest collection. In it, you will find a selection of titles for lovers of horror and thrills. They are ideal for reading in your most secluded lair. Are you ready?


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ISBN: 978-84-125870-9-8
Pag. 294
Translated by Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez